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Beekeeper with Bees

Queen Bees

North Carolina-raised queen bees for sale

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Carniolan or Italian Queens

+ $5 for marking and/or clipping (optional)


NC Queen Bees

Fricks Apiaries has been producing queen bees from local stock in Orange County, NC since 2004. Fricks Apiaries selects for honey bee stocks that thrive in North Carolina and show resistance to pests and diseases, including varroa. Our queen bees are productive and well-tempered. 

Our hives are inspected annually by the NC Dept of Agriculture and we maintain an active permit to sell bees.


Queens are typically available from April through September and can be mailed (Overnight ONLY, shipping cost applies), or picked up at our farm in Chapel Hill, NC by appointment.

To place your order, call or email us today.

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