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About Us

Authentic beekeeping with a focus on community

Local honey & queen bees

Fricks Apiaries was established in 2003 to provide a source of local, raw honey and beeswax products for customers in Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding regions. We produce and sell raw, unfiltered honey from honeybees that forage across Orange, Chatham, and Alamance Counties, NC.

We also sell open-mated NC-raised queen bees from locally adapted stock. Our queens are typically available April through September each year. 

We offer professional honeybee pollination services to farmers from February through September.

Ingrid and Guy Fricks.jpeg
Guy and Ingrid Fricks founded Fricks Apiaries in 2003. 
guy and ingrid 2.webp
Fricks Apiaries is a small, family-run farm in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Hive products

In addition to honey, we also sell a variety of natural hive products:

  • 100% beeswax candles

  • nourishing lip balms

  • bee pollen

  • propolis tinctures


Our candles are made of pure beeswax with no additives and our lip balms are made of all natural ingredients to provide a clean, nourishing treatment for your lips.  


 is the poetry of agriculture

 - Slovenian proverb

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